Service Club Membership

Your home or business heating and cooling system is the single most expensive appliance you own -- in fact, it may cost more to replace than the car you are driving. Unlike your refrigerator or TV, however, your HVAC system needs regular care to operate properly.

We are pleased to offer our affordable Wright's Service Club Membership which guarantees appointments, provides valuable services and discounts all repairs. You are guaranteed that your unit is "Fixed Right, or It's Free."

That brings us back to the car. You would never get behind the wheel of your car without making sure it's safe to drive and you would never drive it year after year without getting regular oil changes, tune-ups and tire rotations. Heating and AC equipment is no different. Your heating and cooling systems work hard 24 hours a day 365 days a year to keep you comfortable. They cannot perform optimally without regular attention. Time after time, on service repair calls we see air conditioner and heater problems that could have been avoided with affordable ongoing system maintenance.

When you take good care of your heater or air conditioner, it will repay you with many benefits:

  • Small problems won’t turn into major expenses
  • Furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners will last longer
  • A well-maintained system is more energy-efficient, so it costs less to operate
  • Damaging buildup of dust, dirt and debris will be avoided
  • Your energy bill will be less when your system is operating properly

Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs -- in fact, as much as 30% per year! Additionally, regular service may extend the life of your system and your membership may pay for itself year and year.

When you become a service club member, you become a Wright's Preferred Client and can expect our highly trained and competent technicians to become completely familiar with you and your equipment. As always, we guarantee repairs are performed properly at all times or they are FREE.

Service Club memberships are a low $11.95 per month (less than 37 cents per day) and may be paid monthly or annually. You may cancel your membership at any time* and if you are not 100% completely satisfied with our service or repair you do not pay. As we always say, our repairs are "Fixed Right or It's FREE."

Your Membership is Transferable

Your Wright's Heating and Air Service Club Membership is fully transferable. You may transferthe membership the buyer of your home OR transfer it to your new home to be handled by Associated Service Centers throughout the country.

*If your club membership canceled within 31 days, full regular price will be billed to either your credit card or checking account, however you decide to set up your membership to be paid.