Packaged Units

Here in South Georgia where the weather tends to be warmer, a packaged air conditioner is an affordable solution for heating and cooling your home. Even more importantly, available high-efficiency units offer better humidity control.

Packaged units are typically installed outdoors at ground level or in a crawl space. They may also be installed on the roof for horizontal or down-flow designs. Supply and return air ducts come from indoors through the home's exterior wall or roof to connect with the package air conditioner system. Available in the same configurations, and utilizing the same components as split systems, packaged units also offer a variety of efficiency options. Unlike split systems, in a packaged system, most components are in one cabinet.

Packaged air conditioners often include electric heating coils or a natural gas furnace. The most popular versions are package units for air conditioning only, air conditioning heat pumps, electric heat (for mild winter climates) and gas heat package units. This combination of an air conditioner and central heating eliminates the need for a separate furnace indoors. The Wright’s Comfort Advisor can help you decide what is best for your home or business.

The most efficient systems we install are heat pump package units. Using an energy efficiency compressor to transfer heat from the ambient air to the indoors and a supplemental heating element for backup, these systems are very common throughout the country.

Air conditioning package units with electric heat are also a good choice. Where the heating season is very limited and little operation time is required for the heating side, electric heat can be a cost-effective choice. Package air conditioners provide the ability to add an electric heating element for just a little more money without modifications of any kind.

Also available are packaged heat pumps and packaged gas electric units which offer electric air conditioning and gas heating. In warm weather, it's an all-electric high-efficiency air conditioner. In cold weather, it provides warmth from natural gas or propane, giving you the best of both energy worlds. High efficiency gas electric packaged units are also equipped with two stage heating and air conditioning for more efficient energy use.

More expensive dual fuel units are also available. As a heat pump, they cool and dehumidify your house in the summer. During the spring and fall, the heat pump provides high-efficiency heating. When the temperature dips well below freezing, it can provide gas heat for greater comfort. If you live where natural gas is not available, you can use propane gas as fuel. It is rarely cold enough in our area of the country for these types of systems.

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